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Prime21 AG: About us


Since our establishment in 2011 in Zug, we have been experiencing continuous growth and impressive achievements. As early as 2012, we expanded our presence to the new location of Zurich, incorporating a dedicated SAP and Infrastructure department. Due to the diverse array of subjects, we structured our teams based on specific skills, aiming to attain even deeper expertise in the candidate and client markets.

In the winter of 2015, we welcomed an authentic expert for the Bern market, Bruno Minder, to our team, thereby bolstering our presence in Bern. Our growth has inspired us to extend our activities into other industries as well. In 2016, we launched “Care21” to facilitate the placement of talents within the healthcare sector. By 2017, we expanded our sphere of influence to include the construction and architecture domains, introducing “Construction21.” Finally, in 2020, we complemented our portfolio with “GetTemp,” catering to the support of contractors for temporary project engagements.

Following years of intensive refinement of our expertise in the field of recruiting, in 2020, we introduced the “Recruiting as a Service” (RAAS) offering. Our aim was to share our knowledge with companies, whether through workshops, consultations, or time-limited recruiting projects.

And as for our latest ventures? The excitement is undeniably alive! Soon, “Recruiting as a Service” will be succeeded by “HR21.” With this development, we will not only focus on personnel placement and recruiting consultancy, but also broaden our focus to encompass a diverse spectrum of HR-related consulting services.

For our services in the healthcare and construction sectors, please visit our Care21 and Construction21. Websites.

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