Recruiting as a Service

Flexible and transparent HR Support on hourly basis
You need selective support for your HR team for recruiting projects, absence representation or you would like to run your own direct search for your talent acquisition

Prime21 is a specialized service provider

We offer you our expertise in HR topics such as recruiting, personnel development, coaching and marketing in a flexible service model. Depending on your business needs and priorities, you can find individual as well as short or long-term solutions for your company, be it for bridging staff shortages and capacity bottlenecks or for the long-term development of a professional recruitment department. Benefit from the many extras and synergies that we can offer you as our client. Here are the areas in which we can support you:


The proactive identification, acquisition and hiring of technical specialist is our core competence. With experience from thousands of recruitment processes, we specialize in the search and qualification of hard-to-find professionals. In doing so, we support our clients throughout the entire application management workflow.


For the various topics of the HR process, such as interviewing, candidate qualification, coaching, identification for direct search, building a candidate pipeline, etc. we also offer group or individual workshops for your HR department.

HR Business Partner

We advise you on all issues relating to the recruitment, support and development of new or existing employees. In addition to many years of best practice experience, Prime21 has its own coaches with psychological educational background and a specific toolset for assessments and personality analyses.

Remote or onsite support

We offer our services with our HR consultants on your premises or as an external service at Prime21 locations (remote).

Contact us

You can rely on our experienced and long-standing team and receive the usual quality, which makes us your partner of choice.


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